About Quentin

Hi! I’m Quentin, a small-scale beekeeper, living in a 17th century house lost in the forests of Central France, with my partner and our baby to come (end of November 2017). We love everything simple, this is why I started taking care of bees at 15. To me, it was obvious I needed to go back to nature. And I did. We grow our own food, and enjoy walks in our beautiful surroundings. Ambre is an intimate weddings and adventures photographer, and her style is very simple as well. You can see more of her work here.

This is us, in June. Our baby was still really small…This picture was taken by the great Fanny Auer.


La Miellerie des Monts Brumeux (the Honey House of the Misty Mounts) is a small French traditional honey house, located in the rural mountainous area of Auvergne. Passionated by an ancient craftmanship, I take care and harvest my hives with love and patience, creating every year a small amount of honey, nectar of the surrounding trees.

Rich from an amazingly pure area, filled with forests and lakes, the honey is meticulously crafted to create only the best, delivered fresh to your door. The bees are moved from one specific field or forest to another, creating amazing blends and unique essences of honey, with distinct color, smell, texture and taste.

The aim of La Miellerie des Monts Brumeux is to deliver high end honey worldwide, creating only the best pots you can find. With an array of choices and custom help via our help center, you’ll be soon able to taste amazing raw honey, fresh from the hive.